Leveled reading sets or storybooks?

Long Read | 8 mins I want to pull apart the questions and queries regarding leveled reading sets and share some of my experience working with beginning readers. What are leveled reading sets? Leveled reading sets systematically introduce vocab and sentence patterns in a step by step approach over leveled ranges of difficulty. What areContinue reading “Leveled reading sets or storybooks?”

Early Years “examination” stress in Hong Kong

Long Read | 10 mins “Can you help my child prepare for their examination?” I have been a tutor in Hong Kong for the past 5 years working with early years children. This is a line I get all the time before every new school year, but now I get it regularly and randomly. JustContinue reading “Early Years “examination” stress in Hong Kong”

Long Term Student’s Experience

I was so touched by a long term student’s farewell gift. I have been teaching them for the past 3 years. We have shared so many different experiences from bike riding (and crashes), shopping at the supermarket, cooking chocolate cakes at home, bbq lunch up a mountain, learning to ride a bike without training wheels,Continue reading “Long Term Student’s Experience”

What is Activity Blending?

Why stick with one activity when you can combine two! Mixing common activities is a fun and intriguing concept for kids. I like to call it ‘Activity Blending.’ ‘Taking one typical activity and interlacing it with an entirely different activity. ‘My thought process when combining activities is based on observations of the child’s current abilities.Continue reading “What is Activity Blending?”

Phonics Terms Poster

What are Phonemes? What is the difference between Phoneme Awareness and Phonological Awareness? If you are coming across terms like these, they can be quite confusing and foreign. I decided to put together a poster laying out the basic Phonic’s jargon. If you are a parent encountering these sayings for the first time, or anContinue reading “Phonics Terms Poster”

3 Quick Blending Tips

HELP YOUR CHILD BEGIN READING WITH MR J Bite sized 1 min Instagram video below for parents. Here are the Tips below: 1️⃣ KEEP IT SIMPLE Introduce single sounds, diagraphs or letter combinations one at a time. The art of blending is step by step. 2️⃣ TRACKING LEFT TO RIGHT Guiding a child’s eyes fromContinue reading “3 Quick Blending Tips”

Engage Activity

“Do not keep children to their studies by compulsion but by play.” — Plato The quote above is by the world renowned philosopher Plato. Seems he knew the secret code of kids.Play.Hence the BEST way to start a tutoring session with young kids is through a play based activity.Why is it beneficial?– Kid’s brain’s loveContinue reading “Engage Activity”