Leveled reading sets or storybooks?

Long Read | 8 mins I want to pull apart the questions and queries regarding leveled reading sets and share some of my experience working with beginning readers. What are leveled reading sets? Leveled reading sets systematically introduce vocab and sentence patterns in a step by step approach over leveled ranges of difficulty. What areContinue reading “Leveled reading sets or storybooks?”

3 Quick Blending Tips

HELP YOUR CHILD BEGIN READING WITH MR J Bite sized 1 min Instagram video below for parents. Here are the Tips below: 1️⃣ KEEP IT SIMPLE Introduce single sounds, diagraphs or letter combinations one at a time. The art of blending is step by step. 2️⃣ TRACKING LEFT TO RIGHT Guiding a child’s eyes fromContinue reading “3 Quick Blending Tips”