Long Term Student’s Experience

I was so touched by a long term student’s farewell gift. I have been teaching them for the past 3 years. We have shared so many different experiences from bike riding (and crashes), shopping at the supermarket, cooking chocolate cakes at home, bbq lunch up a mountain, learning to ride a bike without training wheels,Continue reading “Long Term Student’s Experience”

Duplo Rocket Launch

Today one of my students and I simulated the procedure of a rocket launch with Duplo. *(to the best of my knowledge) How it came about//– My student chose a space storybook.– As it was his choice, he was excited to build a rocket and was highly motivated. The process//– Upon reading the story, weContinue reading “Duplo Rocket Launch”

New Experience – Outdoor Mission

Time to take class outside into the real world! Do you remember those field trips/excursions at school? You felt a tangible sense of excitement and had joyful jitters. You got to escape out of the classroom confines and finally touch the real world.. I do. I remember them all. They were the sunshine days amongContinue reading “New Experience – Outdoor Mission”

Kids Learn From Mistakes

“Mistakes are just learning opportunities waiting to be discovered. ” – Mr J There would be no lightbulb if it wasn’t for the thousands of “mistakes” used to successfully create it in the first place. Every little mistake was like a guide towards the end solution. If we want kids to be successful, then weContinue reading “Kids Learn From Mistakes”