Hey Everyone!
Please read before enrolling into our sessions.
(>5 minute read)

1. Trial Session —

Trial sessions are FREE.
They are arranged between student’s parent/s and the teacher for up to 45mins.

1.1 The First section is for Parents to share their expectations they have for their child’s learning. They can bring out school books, records or recent tests that are relevant to help with assessing their child’s English level.

1.2 Second section is for discussing Eduuplay’s learning pathway, whether that be for 50/50 Oral and Phonics or ETP (English through Play). It is also for highlighting the session formalities and an open space for questions. 

1.3 Third section is about meeting the child, playing a game/activity and getting to know more about them. Light discussion takes place during the game/activityto distinguish the child’s English level. The child is evaluated on their behaviour, motor skills and ability to cooperate together, as this is important to determining what session type will suit the child.

1.4 Last section is to share the results with Parents and allocate an appropriate session type for their child. Upon enrolling, Teacher expectations, payment methods and potential material costs (workbooks) are discussed. Parents are welcome to connect to the Eduuplay Facebook page and WhatsApp Parent’s Group to stay updated.

2. Session Durations:
English through Play — 60 mins
Oral and Phonics — 75 mins
Online Adventure Session — 45mins
Minimum one session per week, or as per arranged.  

3. Requirements:
Your child MUST be awake and ready before their session starts.
If they have a nap before the session, allow at LEAST 20 – 30 mins before, to wake up and prepare. They have:
Gone to toilet.
Had enough to eat and drink.
Their Books and Materials are ready.
Session space is clear and ready. 
Any small practice work is completed during the week*
(*not right before the session..)

If your child is still asleep upon arrival, session will be cancelled. Half session cost will apply the first time, remaining sessions that it happens will be charged at full price.
Consecutive times, the child’s session timeslot will need to be rescheduled, or timeslots cancelled.

4. Recommended:
4.1 No pyjamas please. Kids get too lazy and potentially remain sleepy throughout the session. Neat casual clothes is preferred.
4.2 Cut out Video games or TV time if it is just before the session. Children become overly stimulated by screens, and find it harder to concentrate in the session.
4.3 If your child is still sleepy before the session, try taking them outside to play or play a board game to get their senses working.

5. Cancellation by child:
If a session is cancelled or needs to be cancelled due any circumstance. Please inform the teacher asap. Preferably the night before or first thing in the morning.
If your child is sick, coughing or has signs of fever (above 37.5C) class will be cancelled.
Late notice (within an hour of class start), class will still be charged.

6. One Session Cancellation Policy
There is a one session cancellation allowance each month, other missed sessions will be charged. Missed session will be rolled over into the following month.

7. Cancellation by tutor:
If a teacher cancels, they will do so with the earliest available notice. Preferrably the day before, or in emergency cases a few hours before the session.

8. Holidays (2020)

Eduuplay follows Hong Kong’s Statutory Public Holidays (2020 updated) Plus teacher holidays. Let the teacher know when you are planning to take a holiday break as soon as you can.

  • 1 Jan Wed — New Year’s Day
  • 25 – 28 Jan Chinese New Year
  • 25 – 28 Jan — Lunar New Year
  • 26 Jan Sun — The Second Day of Lunar New Year
  • 27 Jan Mon — The Third Day of Lunar New Year
  • 4 Apr Sat — Ching Ming Festival
  • 10 Apr Fri — Good Friday
  • 11 Apr Sat — The Day Following Good Friday
  • 13 Apr Mon — Easter Monday
  • 30 Apr Thu — Birthday of Budda
  • 1 May Fri — Labour Day
  • 13 May Mon — Birthday of Buddha Holiday
  • 25 Jun Thu — Tuen Ng Festival
  • 1 Jul Wed — HKSAR Establishment Day
  • 2 Oct Fri — The Day Following Mid-Autumn Festival
  • 1 Oct Thu — National Day
  • 25 Oct Sun — Chung Yeung Festival
  • 25 Dec Fri — Christmas Day
  • 26 Dec Sat — The First Weekday After Christmas Day
  • Mr J Holiday — TBC
Workbook time in the 50/50 Oral and Phonics class
50/50 Oral and Phonics

9. Learning space boundaries:
All sessions with Eduuplay look to provide a safe enabling environment for learning. This involves clear communication between teachers, students and parents. There are certain boundaries set in place to ensure the safety of your children in the session:

Activities happen only in a designated study area or activity space. Venturing in other areas of the house or living areas is prohibited, unless permission is given by the host (ie. Washroom, Rubbish bin.)
Heading outside is prohibited unless permission is given by the parents. (ie. Study table is outside, outside games, Outdoor Mission etc.)

10. Manners and Discipline:
For a productive and positive class experience, there has to be clear boundaries for discipline as well. This is more challenging for a private tutor, as the child dominates their own space at home. It can take time for healthy rapport to grow. As the child allows this other “authoritive” figure into their home, sometimes it can be rough the first few weeks. Kids will try and push the teacher around, and test their limits. So there are values set in place:
– Respect –
– Equality –

– Fairness –
– Kindness –
– Diligence –

 If a child unbalances the values, there are two warnings only. Further unwillingness to cooperate with the Teacher or activity at hand. Parents will be notified.

If the child is not participating at all and refuses to do anything after the teacher tries to include them. The teacher has the right to cut the session short, no refund given. Parents will need to discuss with the teacher about the situation, and together find a solution.

One more class will be conducted, if the child’s behaviour is the same. Class will be cancelled – no refund, and parent’s debriefed about the situation. Enrolment will be cancelled, and further session payments from the month will be refunded.

11. Weather Policy:
Over No.8 Typhoon/Storm, or Black Rainstorm — Classes will be cancelled.

12. Payment details:
Session Fees are to be paid at the start of the month for the following month’s sessions.
Preferably before your first scheduled session. Let the teacher know what session dates you are available for, prior to payment.
Please write clearly for example – “Lisa’s October Payment – 1, 7, 14, 21, 28”
PayMe, Transfer or Cash is accepted. Receipt can be issued upon request.

13. Media:
Photos or videos with kid’s face’s will not be posted on English with Mr Jamie’s social media/website unless permission is given. If permission is given, images and videos may be used for small promotional clips or artwork, but not saleable items. No media will be given to other outlets for sales and reproduction purposes.

“To stir up the passion in children for life long learning.”
– Mr Jamie

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