(50/50) Oral and Phonics

Eduuplay, Oral + Phonics, Assess

Oral and Phonics includes a balance of games, speaking activities, practical learning activities and written tasks over a 75 min session.
Suitable for K2 – P1 children.

Eduuplay, Phonics, Session, Student

Each 50/50 Oral and Phonics session can be divided roughly as follows:

Time / Details:

— 5 mins Welcome and Book check and chop.

— 5-10 mins Engage game or Role Play (eg. board game, cards or toys.)

10-15 mins Daily Conversation activity or Topic of interest to discuss. (focus on dialogue and communication)

5-8 mins Phonics Flash Cards (can be an active phonics style game as well)

— 5-10 mins Blending (creating real words using the child’s sounds and putting them in a sentence)

— 10 mins Oxford Exercise Book (writing, reading and listening practice, 1-2 Units.)

— 10 mins Sightwords Exercise Book (sightword learning with writing, colouring and reading, 1-2 SW’s)

— 5-10 mins Story book (if time allows.)

2 mins Stickers and Personal Video update sent out.

Active Learning

Session Aim:

1. Make it fun and lively.
2. Create a productive learning environment.
3. Grow the child’s confidence to speak and write English.
4. Keep each activity to under 15 min.
5. Produce happy and confident smiles after each session!

– Mr Jamie

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