Storybook inspired craft

As part of our our session routine, I let children choose their storybook.

Sometimes I preselect a few, and the child makes the final decision.

Today’s choice was about ice cream.

Unprepared activities like this are easy to do in a home based environment. Utilizing equipment like colour pens, scissors, paper, glue, stick tape etc. A big positive for this is, when kids see they have all the materials in their home environment already, they are more likely to get creative by themselves later on when boredom strikes.

We used items from around the room to find circle shapes for the ice cream balls, we stenciled, coloured, and then practiced scissor cutting skills as well. Lots of fine motor skills practice in one activity.

Themed based crafts are great to connect with stories and bring them to life.

🤠 Mr Jamie


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Eduuplay Founder Head Teacher at English with Mr Jamie

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