Long Term Student’s Experience

I was so touched by a long term student’s farewell gift. I have been teaching them for the past 3 years.

We have shared so many different experiences from bike riding (and crashes), shopping at the supermarket, cooking chocolate cakes at home, bbq lunch up a mountain, learning to ride a bike without training wheels, so many to list!

“Thank you for the role play. I am so happy because I am confident to speak English.”

We liked to do role play, doctors and shops.

“Do you remember this? Ouch! I find a bee in your ear. Hahaha”

Thank you for the bike tour. I felt so excited. Faster, faster!

We once played doctor role play and I broke my hand, thank God Doctor Ella was so kind and patient with me!

👸Come to Ella’s shop I will give you high shoes and princess dress.

This year’s Christmas activity was the same as her first one, was so cute seeing how much she has grown.

Thank you for your lovely words. ❤️

Sometimes it’s hard seeing progress, and seeing what you’ve accomplished with a student. But hearing feedback like this makes it all worth it.

🤠 Mr Jamie


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