Duplo Rocket Launch

Today one of my students and I simulated the procedure of a rocket launch with Duplo. *(to the best of my knowledge)

How it came about//
– My student chose a space storybook.
– As it was his choice, he was excited to build a rocket and was highly motivated.

The process//
– Upon reading the story, we had some ideas of how our set up could be for a space rocket launch.
– Using our blackboard, I could give hints to the shape we wanted to build, but the child chose the parts.

– I wanted to go into details of the procedure that happens before a launch. (simplified version at least) To bring some reality into the session. Rockets don’t just shoot into the sky aimlessly.

Session Aims//
Always my aim is to observe children’s interests, let them have as much choice as possible around an activity so they are internally motivated and also to get them to think through the process. While providing an environment that stimulates discussion in English.

🤠 Mr Jamie


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