Phonics Terms Poster

What are Phonemes?
What is the difference between Phoneme Awareness and Phonological Awareness?

If you are coming across terms like these, they can be quite confusing and foreign. I decided to put together a poster laying out the basic Phonic’s jargon.
If you are a parent encountering these sayings for the first time, or an educator refreshing your knowledge. I hope this poster can be useful.
Below is the text used in the Poster:

The smallest unit of sound in oral language.

Phonemic awareness
The ability to manipulate individual phonemes to form spoken words.

The relationship between graphemes (units of written language; letters) and phonemes (smallest units of oral language; sounds) in reading and writing.

Phonics instruction
Instruction in the relationship between letters and sounds and applying the knowledge to reading and spelling.

Phonological awareness
The ability to detect and manipulate larger units of sound structures, such as syllables and rhyme.

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