Vocab List for 21 – 24 month olds

Free downloadable tick-off list for tracking your child’s vocab learning milestones.

Hey parents!
I put together this list for my son, who will be turning 18 months soon. It won’t be too long before he starts speaking some vocab other than Mama and Dada.
This list is merely for reference, so don’t be stressed if your child isn’t speaking all these by 24 months. Every child is unique and develops at their own speed.

What’s Inside?
Part One looks at important adjectives, pronouns and prepositions. These are words the child will encounter everyday as they grow.

Part Two covers a broad list of common nouns that will really expand their vocabulary collection.

How to teach these to my kid?
One of the best ways to teach vocab is through fun and play. When a child’s brain is actively engaged through play, it’s the best time to highlight vocabulary. Include the vocab into the game itself.
This may entail going out to explore at the park and pointing out nouns, “Hey, look! A BIRD!”
Even playing a game of hide and seek with items around the house. Any activity that can stimulate their curiosity.


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