Kids Learn From Mistakes

“Mistakes are just learning opportunities waiting to be discovered. ” – Mr J

There would be no lightbulb if it wasn’t for the thousands of “mistakes” used to successfully create it in the first place.
Every little mistake was like a guide towards the end solution.

If we want kids to be successful, then we have to be willing to let them try new things, test new pathways and ideas, even if we know they may fail along the way.
As adults we have a tendency to want to control the outcome of an activity because we may share greater foresight of a solution. However this form of oversight isn’t helping the child, but rather dis”abling” them. It isn’t allowing them the chance to find their own solution through using their own abilities.

When a child is engaged and thinking on how to create, build or logistically plan something, we as adults should step back and let them take the reigns (to a degree). They need to know we are here to support them, but not control them. When kids sense they have this respect and freedom, it’s amazing what they can come up with!

Through the creative process, mistakes will happen. It is our duty to remind the child, “What can you try differently next time, what can you improve on, and what can you learn from this?
Questions are the driving force that cause us to remain curious, to find those new ideas and question ourselves about our recent attempt.

“There are no failures, just lessons in disguise.” – Mr J

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